Nature of the Poet~Psychologist

The poet Wordsworth expresses the magic of the poet: “When first my mind with conscious pleasure opened to the charm of words in tuneful order, found them sweet for their own sakes, a passion and a power.” The words are then found to take one beyond words to wonder and universal expressions of infinite energy and vision.

I hope you find my work seamless in its presentation and its evocative passion. Herein is the challenge to  broaden our  definition of “seeing” and “being seen“. It is in the transformative relationship with and beyond nature in which we are changed.

In 2015 we will present our fifth annual Retreat: The Nature of Life, a three day retreat presented with my daughter Shawna R Emerick and myself.

“Ah! need I say, dear Friend! that to the brim my heart was full; I made no vows, but vows were then made for me; bond unknown to me was given, that I should be, else sinning greatly, a dedicated Spirit. On I walked in thankful blessedness, which yet survives.”[Wordsworth].

Our friend Jim Crotty (CalmPhotos) captured some of the beauty of The Inn and the surrounding area in the photo below.

There is a Place

2 Responses to Nature of the Poet~Psychologist

  1. Mark Schull says:

    Mission accomplished, well done to both.

  2. key2 says:

    It’s a good post.

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