The Passion of Poetry and Yoga!


“A good poem moves the body, and the body moved becomes the stories of our lives. The stories we hold become the way we move and how we move others. Yoga is the binder that opens the book of stories with deepest honor and regard for its Creator and its Author. As we listen to our heart and its words, and the body and its stories, we find this is the Nature of Life. This is the path to the Inner Voice, the Inner Light.”

Frozen in Body, Frozen in Mind, Frozen in Tissue, Frozen in Time
The Good Medicine of Posture, Pose, and Prose
By Stephen W Emerick
© 2014

A poem moves the body. Poetry gives the passionate words of the wound or wonder that can warn or warm us. Yoga is the flexible binder of the Book of Stories.

The body moved (vibration, passion, pose) becomes the unfolding story of our lives. This becomes the way we move, the way we write, the music we make (or do not make), and the motion that brings the passionate pose and prose of Good Medicine.

Music moves and reminds the body of its vibration and energetic hope and can show us the path to take.

The body bears the brunt of the burden of wound, and yoga and poetry bring the body blessing. The body moved, becomes the stories of our lives. Trauma freezes the body; the body frozen imbeds the stories of our lives.

How we can become unfrozen? By the medicine of:

1. Poetry: since it too (like cognitive dissonance) gives two paths but blends them in resolution, for health. This brings the option of the trauma to be opened; and then to be felt, sensed, written, moved in posture and pose.

2.  Yoga: When the body is moved, the body can open the body wound and the body of wonder, and becomes the body warmed.



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  1. Kourtney says:

    I was drawn by the hneosty of what you write

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