No Place Untouched by Stephen W Emerick

Calm Photos by Jim CrottyOutside, the fingers of firelight flicker…
Casting shadow dancers upon the walls within.
And the movement on the walls and in the halls
Fill the house and this dark room
With the light shimmering.
And no place is left untouched
And no place is left untouched
And even if one were found… the untouched places are not spared,
And no place remains unmoved unchanged
And the shadow dancers upon the walls within
And the hands that sway the fingers of firelight outside this dark
Room and no place is left untouched
And the beads of sweat on the brow of the one who strolls the summer shoreline
Are the cresting waves beating in the breast of the poet on stage
Speaking while illuminated by the candle strength of a thousand twinkling stars–
With words formed within the depths of the earth,
Shaking free from restraining clods the dark soul soil…
Leaving dangling in mid-air the roots and shoots of all that I am
And ever shall be, And no place is left untouched

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