Eyes of the Forest by Stephen W Emerick

Nature Landscape Photograph by Jim Crotty of Sunlight through Trees at Rowe Woods

They say the blind are sighted
In ways we cannot see
Perhaps the eyes of forest
Are just the same as these

Where vision is held in presence
As contours are held by touch
Where glen and glade ingather
For miracles are made of such

Paths take a turn toward the inward
What was outside resides within
As all we sense around us
Joins inscapes joyous hymns

Blind and sighted intermingle
And all are sighted by need
From every form of blindness
Each finds its freedom indeed

For there is found to be no partition
Between observer and observed
Belief of seperation in deep woods
Is found to be absurd

Spirit’s vision now reads by Braille
Of bark and bramble and brook
And as we leave the forest
This is the lesson we took

It is in the closing of eyes
In wonder’s stance of awe
That any kind of blindness
Is healed by what we saw

In forested new-found vision
There is no need for seeing
A new world is now upon us
For this is the season of Being

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One Response to Eyes of the Forest by Stephen W Emerick

  1. I love the magic of the forest and have come out of deep woods changed, never to be the same again, with a new vision arising out of leaves and animal tracks. Your poem captures what I have felt and makes it stronger and more vital.


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